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It is a common knowledge by now that “Content is King” on the Internet. Search engines index your website and bring visitors to it based on the content. Depending on quality of the content visitors can spend anywhere from sixty seconds to several hours on your website. The reality is that the content is one of the best ways to promote your business. So how do you generate quality content for your website? This article describes practical steps of establishing quality content supply for your website.

Write Content

If you are good at writing and have the time this is the road for you. In recent years blogging has become increasingly popular. Add blog to your website and off you go. The coolest thing with blogging is that visitors have an ability to add comments to your content, making it more useful to the next visitor. Plus you can judge which content creates a “buzz” and which is just “blah”

Put Company’s Newsletter online

If your company issues regular newsletters place them in an on-line archive. In addition to being great content for the website, newsletters can be used to build subscription-based e-mail list

Download Content

Since content is so hugely important, there are many websites that specialize in collecting and distributing content. Some of those websites require you to setup paid memberships, some are free for all, but all offer content categorized by industry and topic. Simply search the topic; read returned material and choose the ones you’d like for your website.

RSS Feeds

Sign up for one of the RSS feeds. There are many feeds available categorized by industry. After you decide which RSS feed to include on your website, follow instructions on how to incorporate it into your website. The great thing about RSS feeds is that they are automatically refreshed based on the frequency of RSS publication.

Put it all together

In order to shine, the “King” must wear his coat of armor and his crown jewels. Same with content, in order to stand out – organize it well by topic. Make it easy for people to view and access it. Reformat documents to make them easy to scan, since most people won’t read the piece from cover to cover.

Posted on December 2, 2014 in SEO

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