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Accountants’ Guild


Quest, Inc. and Community Work Opportunities

Good Morning Irene, Here are the various responses from people in the client’s office: “It’s so HAPPY ? I like it.” “I like the framing and colors – this is a great start!!! Loving the logo ?” “The website definitely gives off the warmth in my opinion…Good job” I think we can safely say they…

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As the administrator of a private school, parent volunteers are a crucial to the success of the school, but very rarely does a parent contribute as much to our operations as Irene Kopaliani and CxT group have this past year. When it became evident that the school needed to improve our web presence, Irene Kopaliani,…

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Accountants’ Guild

Irene does a great job, she in very invovative and gets the job done fast. She will find extra whistles and bells for your project to make it better then you thought it could be. – Barry C.


Autism Resource Center

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