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As the administrator of a private school, parent volunteers are a crucial to the success of the school, but very rarely does a parent contribute as much to our operations as Irene Kopaliani and CxT group have this past year. When it became evident that the school needed to improve our web presence, Irene Kopaliani, founder and managing director of CxT Group, volunteered the services of her company and immediately got to work. As we went through the design process, Irene listened closely to our needs and our vision. She was able to implement all that we asked and, most importantly, was gifted in making suggestions that improved upon what we asked without compromising in any way our identity and core principles. Despite her very busy schedule, any additional changes we requested have been made quickly. I am grateful for her technical talent, customer service and ability to listen to non-technical customers. We now have a website that has exceeded our expectations.

About one year later, we called on Irene once again. There is a lot of data that is collected during a school year by various groups. Finding a way to organize that data so that it is readily accessible had proven to be difficult given staff and expertise limitations. In this new effort, Irene designed a database that CLA can use to enter data and sort it for various purposes. She once again listened to what we needed, made suggestions and designed a product that is of immediate use. I am continually impressed with her ability to see a need, make suggestions and increase efficiency in an organization.

– Robin S.

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Client: CLA

Tags: Non profit, Web

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